Sublimation Printing

New Style of Infused, Full Color Garment Printing
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Get The Best of Both World with Sublimation Printing

Sublimation or dye sublimation printing is a fantastic new technology that combines the quality and durability of screen printing with the short order and full image color option of vinyl.

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Infused Ink Printing

Dye sublimation is a fantastic option for polyester garments and works well with photos and full color images, and is perfect for single items and very small orders. A special ink heated under pressure until it turns into a gas, which is then deposited into the fabric of the garment. The print becomes part of the fabric, with no noticeable feel or added weight. Dye sublimation is limited to polyester only and works best on white or very light fabric (similar to printing an image on different colored paper with an inkjet printer).

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Full Color Transfers

Full color cotton transfers are great for reproducing high color and photographic images for single items or small orders. A printed transfer is heat pressed, which adheres the ink to the surface of the fabric. These prints will fade slightly after the first few washes, but otherwise, hold up well over time and have a very light feel. Similar to dye sublimation, full color cotton transfers work best on white or light garments, as no white is actually printed. Unlike dye sublimation, just about any type of fabric is suitable.

Photorealistic and Non “Patchy” Feel

Opaque full color transfers are the go to solution for high color, photorealistic, and very fine detailed applications on any type and color of the fabric. We work with the only manufacturer to offer this unique transfer. They offer a heavier feel than dye sublimation and full color cotton transfers but are less heavy and “patch like” than other styles of opaque transfers. Because these must outsourced from a separate manufacturer, there is a longer turnaround time.