Vinyl Print Transfers

Classic Image Transfers With That Old School Look and Feel
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Benefits of Vinyl Print Transfers

Vinyl print transfers are a great classic way of getting a full color image on a garment without the time consuming and cost of other printing methods. Great for small orders.

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Custom Cut and Pressed

Vinyl transfers are a great option for a single garment, as well as team player names and numbers that require a different design on each piece. 

There are no screens to burn in and no setup cost.


The transfer material we use is fairly lightweight and available in a variety of colors.

A special lightweight vinyl film is cut to shape using a plotter, and the resulting transfer is applied to the garment using high heat and pressure.  The result is a smooth, opaque design that is similar in feel to a white plastisol print.

Vinyl transfer material is available in a wide variety of colors to suit your application.  It is also available in specialty colors and patterns, such as metallic, glitter, mirror, camo, and many more.